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StudentVoice is planning its first ever National Campaign, which will be entirely led and run by students. We are hosting two Planning Days where we will decide what topic to focus on and develop the Campaign together.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to email us topics that you would like to see at the heart of the Campaign. You then voted for your favourite options. The results are now in and we are overwhelmed with the response we had!

Hidden Leaders Conference

The Hidden Leaders Project finished with a bang. We held a big event on the 11th of October to celebrate our ‘hidden leaders’ (girls from Tower Hamlets in London). It was on the International Day of the Girl Child.

Two schools came and presented the campaigns they’d been working on. George Green School focused their campaign on peer pressure. Bethnal Green Academy wanted more support for young Asian women to plan their careers.

National Campaign Planning Day

StudentVoice is launching its first ever National Campaign. This will be a student led campaign completely run by you and chosen by you! We are hosting two National Campaign Planning Days. At each you will make crucial decisions which will ultimately shape the national campaign for the coming year. On the first day we will decide a campaign topic and create a campaign plan. On the second day we will begin creating the tools and resources that we will need to be successful. This is a great opportunity for important decision making and we want you to be part of it.

Hidden Leaders Project

'Hidden leaders' is an ogoing project in Tower Hamlets. The students are all female and between 11 and 19. These students are the hidden leaders so this project helps them to learn the skills they need to become real leaders in the future. Students will be taught how to become more involved in class discussions, debates and in campaigning projects.

We want to give young female studends better chances in life and to create stronger communities, where people work together to tackle their problems.

Stepping Forward


'Stepping Forward'

Last year Phoenix and StudentVoice worked toegther to do the Peer Effect. It was really successful so we are working together again in a new project called Stepping Forward. The project targets students who it benefits the most. The workshops are about:

- How to get the most out of school and other activities

- How to communicate well, be confident and become a leader

- How to get the career you want

- How to prepare for leaving school

Congratulations to Anum Ahmed for securing a placement at the Department for International Development!

She was an intern for StudentVoice taking the role as a Communications project leader and is now working for the Department for International Development. After gaining her position through ‘Qprojects’, she believes that her placement at StudentVoice significantly improved her problem solving and communication skills as she had the opportunity to liaise with students, film directors and regional charities through harnessing StudentVoices’ social media, blog and the e-newsletter. She describes how “a day in the life of a QProject leader is always exciting and rewarding!”

European Education System Profiles: France



France is a very important nation in Europe and its influence goes beyond its shores as it had a very large empire in the past. This is why its education system is very important to look at. The set-up is similar to the UK, and its laws on compulsory attendance mirror those in the UK.



How to Learn University Level Vocabulary Before Your First Year

By Maya Savanovich

Are you getting ready to start at University within the next year? Or are you still several years away from University, but are anticipating all that is to come when you get out on your own? University is an exciting time for any student, especially because it gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to your education and daily life. But, before you pack your bags and get ready to go, it's important to prepare for what is to come. For example, what is your vocabulary like right now? If it's not yet at the University level, then it's time to get serious and put on your learning hat!

Education Profile: Germany

Germany is considered by many as the strongest country in Europe and it is no coincidence that it also has a very distinctive education system. What is so different about Germany is that vocational education is fundamental to its structure and is given as much importance as a more conventional academic route.

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