Doing a Student Exchange or Studying Abroad? Here Are Ways to Prepare!

You are nearing the end of the school and are thinking about which university to choose? Where to study? Choosing the right university is not an easy task to do, especially if you are thinking about studying abroad. Every beginning is difficult, but with some useful information it can be a little easier. What, where, how, are just some of the questions that every future uni student asks. So many questions, and just as many answers. To make your search for information less difficult and endless we're bringing you the survival guide on how to prepare, with important instructions and tips on studying outside your country.

European Education Profiles
: Finland

Finland's education system is seen as one to aspire to by many countries, countries including the UK, but why is this? A lack of streaming and a flexibility in the curriculum are just two of the reasons that contribute to its overall success. 

Mana Muhthar at the Westminster Education Forum

As you will all probably know by now, StudentVoice Member Mana Muhthar attended the Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar about “The future for GCSEs - structure, content and implementation” on November 21st.

Self Managed Learning College in Brighton

The Self Managed Learning College in Brighton is a learning establishment that listens to students in order to create a learning environment that students enjoy.

GCSE Reforms

The GCSE system is set to undergo radical changes to how its graded in order to make it easier to compare to exam results around the world. Furthermore it is set to revert back to exams being taken at the end of the two years of Key Stage 4, therefore there will be no more modular exams. Will this be too much pressure for students?

The Military in UK Schools by Owen Everett

My first job after graduating with a BA in History in June 2012 was a one-year joint placement at War Resisters' International (a global network of antimilitarist/pacifist groups) and ForcesWatch (a research and campaigning organisation focusing on the ethics of military recruitment in the UK).

EBacc and ABacc: Causing more problems than sorting them?

EBacc and ABacc: Causing more problems then sorting them?

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and the yet to come into effect Advanced Baccalaureate (ABacc) are just two items that have been created since the coalition came into power 3 years ago. The aim of both is to serve as a performance indicator for schools at GCSE (EBacc) and A Levels (ABacc).

Holocaust Education in Schools and FE Colleges by Freddy Naftel

I am an experienced Teacher, having worked in many different schools and F.E. colleges over the past 25 years. I am an excellent public speaker and particularly enjoy History and Humanities.

Whilst working at Aquinas College, Stockport, I gave a series of assemblies on The Holocaust prior to National Holocaust Day during January 2008, in which I outlined the history of the subject, including appropriate photographs,prayers and music.  The assemblies were received very well by both staff and students and inspired further discussion and study in many subject areas.

‘Schools 'encourage pupils to take English iGCSE because it is easier....’’ As a previous student of the English iGCSE, I don’t think so.

As like most people who commute late afternoon on the tube in London I crave for my daily copy of the Evening Standard. (Slightly an obsession of mine to get the days copy).

What Factors Can Help You Achieve Good A-Level & GCSE Results

In the lead up to the GCSE’s and A-Level results days, DLD College London have compiled an interesting infographic relating to education, which provides some great insights into the top 10 secrets to exam success. Here is what they found:

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