Does being able to drive make you more employable?

Isabelle Guarella weighs up whether it's worth being on the road. 

Being a graduate is daunting, and with so much scrutiny on the graduate job market, you'll want to put your best foot forward when it comes to securing your first job. You'll need to make sure you've got your interview technique nailed, your best outfit pressed and prepped and your CV polished to within an inch of its life, but is there anything else you're missing?

The Unteachables by Ben Greenhalgh

Ben Greenhalgh describes the world of the alternative education and the young people within them.

With education reform up against stiff resistance, what is education like for students who are unable to cope in mainstream education? How much focus does the government put on targets, over the realistic individual progression of students who are deemed the unteachables?

"Redefine how you Define Education!"

Hi my name is Amy Hill, I am a student at a top grammar school with an IQ of 126, I have previously been through private education and am known amongst friends an family as being relatively clever, yet I feel that the current system does not do justice to people like me. Despite having had a good education and being brought up to pride myself on being generally intellectual, my recent exam results at A2 do not reflect my ability at all.


My first hand experience of democratic education


Blog by Kirsten Aboah

I am what they call a mainstreamer and to be honest with you, I have always prided myself on going to a strict Roman Catholic girl’s school. I enjoyed putting on my kilt, tying my tie, having a crisp white shirt topped off with a shiny pair of black shoes and a blazer. The benefits for me? It made me very conscious of the way I dress, I carried myself with a certain respect, most of all it meant I had no distractions. I didn’t have to struggle every morning and wonder if I still looked as cute as I did when I set off in the morning. And yes, I’ve heard the whole argument for self expression, but I think at that age (secondary school) you should focus on expressing yourself through your work rather than what you wear....


Should we involve children and young people in decisions that affect them?'

Now more than ever it appears that we are addressing the key question; ‘should we involve children and young people in decisions that affect them?’  You would think that at face value many, if not all, would say yes.  I mean after all, the decisions will affect the young people long after the decision makers (“grown ups”) have passed on and yet, it seems that this is still a debated topic.

The Youth Market


A guest blog written by Adam Wilson.

With 20.5% of young people aged between 16-24 according to latest government statistics, and with large numbers of young people leaving schools and universities with little work experience and limited knowledge of the business world, it is more important than ever to encourage young people into business (Evans 2013). So how do we go about it?

The Push for a Russell Group University Place

If you are starting to think about applying to University next year, or even the year after if you’re really keen, the chances are you have heard the phrase “a Russell Group University” being thrown around.

Westminster Employment Forum: Building a long-term future for apprenticeships in England

Speech written and delivered at the Westminister Employment Forum by Abdul Jawula.

I’m an 18 year old who attends a sixth form college in Hampshire and even though I haven’t actually undertaken an apprenticeship I recognise the fact that they are a viable option for young people and that’s why I’m here. And I’m very excited to be in front of you right now and to be able to express my views.

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