Radical Approaches to Education

On Saturday at the TUC in London over 150 Compass members and supporters gathered to discuss Radical Approaches to Education.  The event was sold out and was packed with debates, workshops and some very inspiring key speakers including Mary Bousted from ATL and Jon Cruddas.

Votes at 16

Our Young Advisor Yasmin Rufo had the exciting opportunity to attend a meeting in Parliament where the Votes At 16 Campaing was discussed. 

Riot from Wrong: a lesson in making your voice heard

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to attend a screening of “Riot from Wrong”, a documentary produced by Fully Focussed. This youth-led project aimed to discover the truth behind last summers riots, it’s causes and its consequences.

What I saw was a truthful and thoughtful film that acknowledged the wrongdoing of those who committed crimes in the riots, but also came to terms with the long and short-term failures that young people have suffered at the hands of their seniors.

Teachers address the benefits and challenges of student voice

In September we met with around sixty teachers at Teach First’s event Challenge2012 where we spoke with them about StudentVoice. We asked them what they felt would be the main challenges around student voice in schools and what they felt were the biggest advantages of it. The results were positive, with participants showing that the advantages were enormous and the challenges could hopefully be overcome with extra work.


Life After Uni, How to Get Ahead

This is a guest blog by Randal Whitmore. 


University is an amazing place of opportunities, not only to learn but also to meet and befriend people from all walks of life. It may appear to some members of society that we don’t do a huge amount and drink a lot but I’m here, as a recent graduate of Brunel University, to tell you that it is hard work that pays off, giving credence to the old saying “work hard, play hard.”

Tougher GCSEs

The announcement that Education Secretary Michael Gove wishes to replace the GCSE system with the English Baccalaureate Certificate is nothing but another nail in the coffin that is the morale of the British student body.

Results time coming close!


So it's results season, with AS and A-Level results  coming out tomorrow and there's a lot of hype everywhere. Here's my take on things from a few years down the line..

The Benefits Of School Uniforms

For families with children in school environments, the issue of whether or not school uniforms are appropriate or beneficial is always a prevalent one. Just about everyone you ask has a relatively strong opinion regarding whether or not children should wear uniforms, and there are certainly some strong arguments for either side of the debate. Typically, the main argument against school uniforms tends to be that they make it more difficult for students to express their individuality, which could conceivably be a bit harmful to personal development.

Student's perspective on exam assessment - Speech at Westminster Education Forum

Ensuring accuracy in the exam system - setting tests, marking and delivering grades

Oliver Dovey, Pupil, Guthlaxton College, Leicester

This is the direct transcript of a speech Oliver made at an event on 3rd July at a Westminster Education Forum event. 

Student Led Trojan Horse Project!

Our Trojan Horse Project - St Katherine’s School

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