She was an intern for StudentVoice taking the role as a Communications project leader and is now working for the Department for International Development. After gaining her position through ‘Qprojects’, she believes that her placement at StudentVoice significantly improved her problem solving and communication skills as she had the opportunity to liaise with students, film directors and regional charities through harnessing StudentVoices’ social media, blog and the e-newsletter. She describes how “a day in the life of a QProject leader is always exciting and rewarding!”

It was actually her Qproject placements that inspired her to apply for a job within the international development sector as she realised how much she enjoyed making a positive difference to communities through tackling social issues. Her experience and newly developed skills allowed her to transfer these skills into other applications and placements. She was able to gain an in depth knowledge about areas of the education system potentially in need of reform, by organising interactive discussions with 100 secondary school students within the borough of Hackney. Gaining a deep insight into the problems young people faced within this borough, she was able to report this information to the organisation and offered creative solutions.

From here things only went up, as the passion she demonstrated from working with young people gave her the opportunity to take on a new role and became a training project officer. Her work in the ‘Hidden Leaders Project’ which focused on empowering young Bangladeshi girls in the Tower Hamlets borough further emphasised her leadership skills which are much needed in the Department for Intenational Development. She is now confident that with this experience of researching ideas and collating information has put her in great stead at the DFID.

Anum explains how her Qprojects placement at StudentVoice was not just about gaining vital work experience, but in fact certainly helped her form a strong foundation for her career. She was able to excel at job interviews and assessment days and successfully achieved a place on Department for International Development’s graduate scheme! It was a pleasure working with her and we wish her all the success with her new placement.

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