EBacc and ABacc: Causing more problems then sorting them?

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and the yet to come into effect Advanced Baccalaureate (ABacc) are just two items that have been created since the coalition came into power 3 years ago. The aim of both is to serve as a performance indicator for schools at GCSE (EBacc) and A Levels (ABacc).

The EBacc measures the percentage of students in a school who achieve grades A*-C in English, mathematics, two sciences, a foreign language and history or geography at GCSE. The reason for its introduction was to combat the perceived fall in the number of students studying foreign languages and science that began to happen over the previous years. However as it is used as a performance indicator for schools, it has led in some cases schools to place pressure on pupils to move away from creative subjects like art or drama to take subjects that make up the EBacc. The Bacc to the future campaign group thus states ‘EBacc and ABacc measures therefore risk denying children a broad and balanced education by down grading creative subjects.’

Thus as ‘’Bacc to the future’ suggest, the EBacc is a possible cause for the numbers of students passing exams or getting the highest marks to decrease due to this increased in making students turn their backs on creative subjects. Leading to students to potentially not getting the results they could possibly reach if they took a non-EBacc or ABacc subject. Not only this but looking to the future if the pressure remains on students and schools to continue the same policy then they might be a shorted of students taking up creative subjects not only at A Levels but also at university/further education.

Only time will tell to see what happens with the creative arts subjects under the EBacc and ABacc, however it is extremely unfair to punish students who might be highly skilled at these subjects. Surely allowing students to fill the best of their potential/skills at any subjects is more important than fulfilling government targets/aims?

Any views from anyone who reads this blog post!