I am an experienced Teacher, having worked in many different schools and F.E. colleges over the past 25 years. I am an excellent public speaker and particularly enjoy History and Humanities.

Whilst working at Aquinas College, Stockport, I gave a series of assemblies on The Holocaust prior to National Holocaust Day during January 2008, in which I outlined the history of the subject, including appropriate photographs,prayers and music.  The assemblies were received very well by both staff and students and inspired further discussion and study in many subject areas.

I repeated these assemblies in January 2010 at Cheadle & Marple College. It amazed me how little students and even some staff knew about The Holocaust and the reason for the foundation of Israel. Many students told me they felt privileged and even honoured to be part of such an assembly and teachers asked me to provide further information for both tutorial and other class sessions. The subject means a lot to me, as my mother and grandparents fled Germany in 1934 to escape Nazi persecution and my great-grandmother survived the concentration camps.

This inspired me to expand my assemblies into presentations and workshops, suitable for all students  of History, Religious Education, Citizenship and PSHE.

The Holocaust and what it means to be Jewish today-A Personal Story of Prejudice

Holocaust Presentations with Personal Family Experiences. Please note my presentations do not replace, rather compliment survivors’ testimonies and present a contemporary view of anti-semitism, as well as the resulting conflict of faith, following The Holocaust.

In a few years, there may be very few survivors of The Holocaust left to recount their experiences and I believe it is up to second and third generation family members to carry on this tradition. I am a very experienced public speaker, able to talk to small or large groups of children and adults. I believe this is something to which I can definitely contribute in enriching young people’s lives.

In giving these presentations, I am honouring my Mother’s family by keeping alive the memory of those relatives who survived and perished in the concentration camps. My Great-Grandmother, Sara Godlevsky, survived but was never able to talk about her experiences. My Great Aunt Elsa and Great Uncle Arthur died in Auschwitz. During my talks, I show photos of my relatives and firmly believe that I am keeping their memories alive by sharing experiences with young people.

I also draw upon my own disturbing experiences of anti-semitism and prejudice at school and while working professionally as a teacher. This is something I find very difficult to talk about but the experience has made me a much stronger person.

The reaction from staff and students alike has been amazing. Year 7 and 8 pupils in particular, have asked many pertinent questions and were surprised and dismayed to discover anti-semitism is very much alive and well in contemporary society. The older students have also been much affected by my presentations, as the feedback on my website clearly shows.

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