Phoenix Travel Bursaries

The Phoenix Education Trust has developed a bursary scheme to assist students and teachers in attending events that promote democratic education. This section provides details about what is covered by the scheme, the application process and the application form.

Briefing Sheets

We're all about helping you voice your views - but maybe you need some information first! We're putting together plenty of briefings which will be your crib sheets on the big education issues. They're not biased and they're not designed to make you think one way or the other - they're just there to inform you. Feel free to request a briefing and we'll upload it as soon as possible.

Training Resources

Here you can find some sample resources and useful things to download. There are a number of activities and training activities which can help increase student voice in your school.


This section includes findings of studies relating to education and young people.


StudentVoice Schools

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