Hi my name is Amy Hill, I am a student at a top grammar school with an IQ of 126, I have previously been through private education and am known amongst friends an family as being relatively clever, yet I feel that the current system does not do justice to people like me. Despite having had a good education and being brought up to pride myself on being generally intellectual, my recent exam results at A2 do not reflect my ability at all.


I feel as if intellectuality is being mistaken for ability to learn from a text book and I think this issue needs highlighting, many entrepreneurs have not even had an education and I think too much rests on the ability to reproduce text in an exam, what about logic, intellect and general life skills? Attitude to work and ability to communicate effectively with people are also key expertise that is not being learned.


Universities and places of employment need to begin to recognise that in order to succeed in a person must not have just academic skills, but motivation, creativity, excellent social communication and the ability to make tough decisions. So why can’t education systems focus on this instead of learning things that we will never use in life?


Another important set of life skills in financial management, most people my age hardly know what a mortgage is, and how to go about buying a first house or getting a bank loan or even a credit card. When am I ever going to need to know the composition of DNA? So why am I taught it? I think this is the education system's biggest flaw, ignoring general life skills and attitude to work. A system where we are taught a lot more about financial management such as buying shares and even public speaking and etiquette would definitely make a difference to people ineffectively managing money and living off the state, and give people more ability to get a job. It would definitely contribute to making a fairer system and could improve the current economy.


Be sure to check out Suli Breaks' inspiring spoken word on whether he thinks schools are the key to becoming an educated member of society on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-eVF_G_p-Y