StudentVoice Tailored Training Package

At StudentVoice, we believe every student should have a say in their school and their education. To allow as many young people as possible to give their views and use their voice, we run training in a variety of skill areas - including confidence, communication, campaigning and consultation.

We provide a number of training packages for school students. Where possible we use peer trainers, who are familiar with the issues students face in schools and were recently in education themselves. If you're under 25 and interested in becoming a trainer, get in touch!

The StudentVoice Students Training Package includes team building activities and training in communications and campaigning skill.  This will be facilitated by StudentVoice trainers, who have been extensively trained themselves to work with young people in developing student voice activities. Peer trainers encourage open discussion and a sense of accessibility. The training package can be tailored to suit your school’s individual needs, and can focus on particular areas or topics. We are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and what we might be able to provide.

“I liked the group activities and the way they link to a serious point...the trainers were good at getting people involved and making them feel comfortable." 

£600 for two trainers delivering one full day of training to a group of up to 30 students. We're keen to adapt training to suit particular schools and groups - get in touch to discuss what you need. 

StudentVoice "Real Talk" Training Package

We believe that student voice activities should be accessible to all members of the school community, and not just the most articulate students. With financial support from the Department for Education, we have worked with a range of young people in special schools, alternative education provision, pupil referral units and secondary schools to create the Real Talk programme. The programme has been devised to enable young people with learning or behavioural challenges to gain the skills and confidence they need to take part in student voice activities and speak out about issues that affect them. Sessions include:

  • What Do You Want to Change?
  • Listening Skills
  • Using positive Body Language to Support Your Message
  • Respect and Dignity – Keeping Your Cool
  • Confidence in Speaking
  • Real Talk Overview

Real Talk training comes in two levels: Level 1 comprises a series of games and activities that develop young people’s communication skills. The Level 2 programme is designed to enable young people with learning difficulties and special educational needs to learn to become peer trainers for the delivery of the Level 1 Real Talk training programme. Level 2 participants need to have participated in Level 1 training before becoming a trainer. 

“Because of the course...I have learnt how to calm down and keep cool. Doing the course has made it easier to say how I feel and what I think...”

StudentVoice "Asking the Right Questions" Training Package

Students are increasingly becoming involved in the decision-making processes in schools. Whether as part of the school council, staff appointment process, curriculum development partnership or as an associate governor, students need to know how to ask the right questions and be able to ascertain the views of other students in order to provide valid supporting evidence to justify their position. In addition Ofsted now sample the views and opinions of students as part of the inspection process to ascertain students’ observations about the degree to which the school seeks and acts upon their views. The ‘Asking the Right Questions’ training programme helps students to gain the skills and confidence they need to ask questions in an appropriate and carefully considered way.

By following this training programme individual students involved in gathering the views of other students will:

  • increase their communication, reasoning, organisational and negotiating skills
  • increase their confidence in talking to other students and adults
  • get enthused about positively influencing school policy
  • build a valuable skill for inclusion in their personal portfolio

Contact to find our more about our training packs and to discuss your requirements. 

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