It’s your education. What matters to you? What makes you angry? What needs changing?

For too long, decision makers have failed to ask school and college students these questions.

Between politicians ignoring us and the media demonising us, young people never seem to be heard – not even in the things that matter to us most. EMA was cut without even an attempt to ask young people what they thought. Tuition fees were trebled, and we weren’t consulted. It’s time to speak up and get our voices heard.

The last year has shown that things might be starting to change. Across the UK, young people of all ages began to get their voices heard in new and exciting ways. Last autumn, many of us marched together, and it took that kind of measure for the national media to finally hear our voice. Politicians were embarrassed. Students’ rights became an issue. We began to think big!

Politicians and the media may think that things are over now, but the renewed protests today are just the beginning.

Student Voice is fighting for the start of something bigger, and better. We are an organisation that will be run by young people, for young people. We encourage all students to get involved – follow our blog over the coming weeks ahead of our launch as StudentVoice in the new year. E-mail to be kept up to date.

The next few weeks will see blog posts by other young people and we’d like you to write your own. Whether it’s about the amount of exams you have or the lack of facilities in your local area, we’d like to hear about it.

United Nations’ law requires that education systems’ listen to the voice of their students. Let’s make sure this happens. We are StudentVoice.