We are excited to announce the members of our new Management Committee. These volunteers will support the elected National Executive of students and ensure that the organisation is able to do what its student members want.

We received plenty of exceptional applications so were faced with the difficult task of narrowing them down to just six committee members. These are: Adam Wilson, Charles Barry, Deborah Hermanns, Derry Hannam, Sally Brown and Suvi Rehell.

  • Adam Wilson was an original member of StudentVoice back in 2004 when we were known as the English Secondary School Association (ESSA), he is keen to give back to StudentVoice as he knows firsthand how much of an impact we can have on lives.
  • Charles Barry has a lot of experience in student democracy, having held various elected and staff positions at students’ unions.
  • Deborah Hermanns is active in thecampaign against university tuition fees. Her organisation skills and passion for democracy will make her an invaluable member of the committee.
  • Derry Hannam has over 20 years experience of teaching and has been a constant support to student-led organisations all over the world. He even managed to persuade the government to change the law regarding school students sitting on Boards of Governors!
  • Sally Brown has held various senior positions within OCR and is an expert on education policy, her expertise in this field will be incredibly useful for the management committee.
  • Suvi Rehell has vast experience in theatre and youth development. We are confident that this background will prove hugely helpful in supporting our National Executive.

Thanks to all the applicants!