StudentVoice is looked after by the Phoenix Education Trust, which seeks to promote democracy in schools. This means everyone having a say, and weight being given to the views of the most important stakeholders in our education system - the students. We work towards this goal through various methods:

Working with young people

We have a steering group made up of young people (let us know if you want to join!) who help us make decisions about the way we run and what we focus on. We also regularly interact with young people currently in the school system. We will soon have a national council of elected young representatives. 


We don't run campaigns - we support young people to run their own. 


There are a number of skills students can work on to help voicing their views be more effective, and we're keen to help. We run a variety of training courses in schools, and we're looking to train youth council members too! We focus on campaigning, communication and confidence - see the Training tab above. 


One of our longer-term aims is to conduct research into the effectiveness of student voice and the impact on behaviour, attainment and, most importantly, happiness. You can find some of the research that has already been conducted in our Resources section. 

StudentVoice knows that the education system and StudentVoice's own activities will change for the better if all young people are able to have a voice. Let us know if there's anything you think we can do to make it easier for YOU to be part of StudentVoice and the work that we do by contacting us


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